Observations on Peer Review

We asked our editors, reviewers, and authors to share their perspectives on peer review. You can see their responses by following the links below.

As a journal or book series editor, what do you see as the role of peer review?

What are the qualities of good peer-review feedback?

What approach do you take as you conduct a peer review?

As an author, what do you look for in the feedback provided through peer review?

As an author, what do you consider as you prepare a submission for peer review?

Some Advice for Reviewers

In 2023 and 2024, the associate publishers of the WAC Clearinghouse launched a project led by Chris Basgier and Rebecca Hallman Martini to develop guidance for Clearinghouse reviewers. The project involved meetings with numerous editors and editorial board members. It resulted in both advice for reviewers and three sample reviews, each taking a different approach. If you are planning to review for a Clearinghouse publication, please view their advice.

Additional Resources

We've also pulled together publications about peer review as well as resources offered by other publishers.

Understanding Peer Review: A Guide for Authors, by Taylor & Francis

What is Peer Review, by John Wiley & Sons

What makes a good or a bad peer review? Tips for Excelling at Reviewing, by Rebecca Sear. Published by The Royal Society

The PLOS Peer Review Center: Everything You Need to Write a Peer Review Right Now, by PLOS